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HeiKaMaX is a regional network meeting on Experimental and Behavioral Economics, jointly organized by Heidelberg University (local contact: Prof. Joerg Oechssler, Ph.D.), Mannheim University (local contact: Prof. Dr. Henrik Orzen), and KIT (local contact: Prof. Dr. J. Philipp Reiss). There are two one-day meetings per academic year, one in Spring and another one in Fall. If you would like to present your work or want to participate, please contact the local organizer relevant for you.

List of HeiKaMaX-Workshops
Datum Name Venue

April 10, 2019

15th HeiKaMaX Program

U Heidelberg

October 10, 2018

14th HeiKaMaX Program


May 18, 2018

13th HeiKaMaX Program

U Mannheim

October 27, 2017

12th HeiKaMaX Program

U Heidelberg

March 31, 2017

11th HeiKaMaX Program


November 18, 2016

10th HeiKaMaX Program

ZEW Mannheim

April 12, 2016

9th HeiKaMaX Program

U Heidelberg

April 24, 2015

8th HeiKaMaX Program


November 28, 2014

7th HeiKaMaX Program

U Mannheim

April 11, 2014

6th HeiKaMaX Program

U Heidelberg

October 18, 2013

5th HeiKaMaX Program


May 24, 2013

> 4th HeiKaMaX Program

U Mannheim